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Events are, effectively, messages generated by browsers indicating that a visitor to your page has done something. For example, when a visitor moves the pointer over a link, the browser generates an onMouseOver event for that link; the browser then checks whether it should call some JavaScript code (specified in the page being viewed) in response. Different events are defined for different page elements; for example, in most browsers onMouseOver and onClick are events associated with links, whereas onLoad is an event associated with images and with the body section of the document.

An action is pre-written JavaScript code for performing a task, such as opening a browser window, showing or hiding an AP element, playing a sound, or stopping an Adobe Shockwave movie. The actions provided with Dreamweaver provide maximum cross-browser compatibility.

Our Products

  • HP 51604A Remanufactured Black Inkjet Cartridge
  • HP C4820A (80) OEM Black Printhead & Cleaner
  • C9387AN / HP 88, 9387,HP88
  • HP CE271A OEM / Original Cyan Toner Cartridge
  • Refill Kit for CE505X, Cartridge 119 II Black Toner Cartridge
  • HP C9700A & Q3960A Compatible Black Toner Cartridge
  • HP C9420A (85) OEM / Original Cyan Inkjet Printhead
  • Merax Compatible Black Laser Toner Cartridge for HP LaserJet P1505 / P1505n Printer